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*** News Flash***

**** We are sad to announce the Passing of our dear sister Anne Warner. Our thoughts and prayers are with Roy and Naomi and all family members. The funeral and thanksgiving service will be held in the church at 1:30pm on Monday 8 January 2018****

***Christmas Family Service 2017
Our Christmas Family Service will take place on Sunday 17 December at 11:am***

Please feel free to invite your family and friends for this annual event. Children will be taking part in the service and we will serve mince pies and tea and coffee in the cafeteria at the end of the service

***Having hosted Ian Christensen  in early November we are pleased that the recordings of the conference sessions are available on this site***

Click Here for Details

***Refresh Coffee Shop – We are pleased to announce that we will be serving Christmas dinner for all  of our customers on Thursday 14 December. We will re-open after Christmas on Thursday 4 January***

Discipleship Manual

 We have added a new page. Pastor Brian Gingles has written and published a Discipleship Manual to encourage new and young believers. Please click on the following link to find out more and to obtain your own copy


**We have Audio files of Conference Sessions and Sermons available on this site – check out the post by clicking one of the links below.**

You may experience some download difficulties if you are using “Chromium” browser, but all other browsers are fine.

Weekly Audio Updates 

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We welcome you to our church website and it is our hope and prayer that you will find the content helpful. We are regularly adding new pages and updating existing pages, we trust that they help to let you know more about us. All of our meetings are completely open and you would be welcome to join with us at any time. The various articles we have posted on this site will give you a flavour of our beliefs and doctrines. We believe very strongly that we are set within the community of Larne and as such God has given us the responsibility of being salt and light within the community. We strongly stand firm on the charge given by Jesus to his disciples that we are to share the gospel with everyone, and we are conscious that we have a strong responsibility so show the love of God to the community. We are very happy to be associated with the Larne Foodbank as we realise that in the difficult economic climate there are many who find it hard to make ends meet. We also know that loneliness and depression are very prevalent in our society and would like to make it known that we do care and if you have problems in those realms then please get in touch or visit us.

We are affiliated to Barnabas Fellowship of Churches, which is a fellowship of like minded churches across the world, our nearest sister church is Redburn Community Church in Holywood. For information on Barnabas Fellowship England please look at their website www.barnabasengland.org

We will also let you know details of some of the missionaries we help to support along with some details of connections we have with church planting ministries particularly in Zimbabwe and other nearby countries. We also help to support ministries in India, Nepal and in Continental Europe.   Re-Fresh our church cafe which is open each Thursday has been able to send considerable sums of money to help various missions throughout the year. All of the surplus money from the cafe project goes to missions. 

We are situated on the Old Glenarm Road close to the Caterpillar Factory and almost opposite The Viking Lodge. If you are looking us up on Google maps our official address is 211 Old Glenarm Road. Larne, BT40 1TS


The overwhelming reason we exist as a church is not simply to enjoy being together, although we do really enjoy fellowship together, but we exist to share the Good News that Jesus died on Calvary to provide YOU, as well as us, with a way back to God. We are here to share with you the fact that you can have a certainty of eternal life with God, and a place in heaven simply by putting your trust and faith in the sacrificial death of Jesus on the cross. Sin keeps us from salvation but if you are willing to confess your sin before God, He is willing and able to forgive your sin, enter your life and give you salvation RIGHT NOW.

The world will tell us that many things are important but there is only one thing we need to do and one thing which is really important. That one thing is to make Jesus your Saviour because He is the only name under heaven given among men whereby you (can) and must be saved. Should you feel you need to know more about how to be saved please contact us through this site and we can send more information to you. We have people within the church who would be pleased to help you further.